Let’s start painting!

All CreateNations™ Art Tees come with 12 colour Faber Castel  Non-Toxic Paints and SbC Easy Clean-Up Variety Paint Brush Set (5 brushes). Family sets of 4 or more CreateNations™ Art Tees come with a double pack of paints and brushes. 


Painting your Art Tee

  • Soak your paint brushes in warm water to soften the bristles.

  • Before you start painting, place some cardboard or paper inside the Art Tee to protect the other side of the fabric.

  • Decide on what colour to use, or mix colours together - have fun and get creative!

  • After you have completed painting your Art Tee, leave it to dry for 4 hours.

  • Place fabric or paper over the painting and iron it to hold the paint in place.

  • Run your paint brushes under water to clean them.


Washing and care instructions

  • Warm or cold water wash on a low spin cycle.