All CreateNations™ Art Tees come with 12 colour SbC Non-Toxic Paints and SbC Easy Clean-Up Variety Paint Brush Set (4 brushes).



Painting your Art Tee

1. Soak your paint brushes in warm water to soften the bristles.

2. Before you start painting, place some cardboard or paper inside the Art Tee to protect the other side of the fabric.

3. Decide on what colour to use, or mix colours together - have fun and get creative!

4. After you have completed painting your Art Tee, leave it to dry for 4 hours.

5. Place fabric or paper over the painting and iron it to hold the paint in place.

6. Run your paint brushes under water to clean them.


Washing and care instructions

  • Warm or cold water wash on a low spin cycle.